Projekt Melody

Projekt Melody

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Link to Her Cam Room: Projekt Melody

Quick Details

Name: Melody (AKA Melly)
Surname: Unknown
Age: 20
Followers: 157045
Location: Virtual Little Tokyo

Language: English


This is a really interesting one amongst the cam world, although anime in porn is nothing new, it is very new to see it being sold as a live cam. The person behind this awesome, hot little, animated character has shown how successful it can be though, so I can only imagine it will go further from here if her numbers on Pornhub are anything to go by.

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Link to Her Cam Room: Projekt Melody


They went with the classic look of a young japanese teen dream, blue eyes, big glasses and purple hair, cute with a great smile. Maybe it’s animated, but it’s still hot.. Which game character is your fave? Let us know in the comments.

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She’s fit and athletic, I suppose the beauty of being animated is that there is no need to go in the gym to get an absolutely perfect figure and the person behind this I imagine has this body, because every detail is perfect, especially the chest area.

She’s also got an absolutely fantastic ass.

Link to Her Cam Room: Projekt Melody

Presence & Interaction

She uses a Lovense, which is interesting because she’s not technically real, however the person controlling the character behind either has one inside herself or is an incredible actor because the noises coming from the screen are very real. What do you think of this cam? Let us know in the comments.

Link to Her Cam Room: Projekt Melody

Overall Score: 10/10 (As the effort involved in this is enormous…like a certain part of my body watching)

Link to Her Cam Room: Projekt Melody


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