Pretty Alison

Pretty Alison

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Link to CamRoom: Pretty Alison

Quick Details

Name: Alison
Surname: Unknown
Age: 19
Followers: 83,000+
Location: UK

Language: English


This 19 year old is one of my favorites from the our website as she’s petite and hot, loves a tartan skirt and there is something incredibly sexy about an English accent like hers.


Incredible smile, very cute and with brown eyes, you can’t go wrong even when she’s just fully dressed and smiling down the lens of the camera.

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She says that one of her favourite things to do is go to the Gym when she’s not on cam and it shows, her petite body doesn’t have an inch of extra fat on it and her ass is tight and perfectly formed. It’s very hard to look away when the clothes come off.

Presence & Interaction

She’s playful and likes to laugh, smile and joke with her followers. Her tip offerrings are engaging and will get you where you need to go fast if you’ve got the money available.

Overall Score: 8/10

Link to CamRoom: Pretty Alison


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